Aug 012009

In early June, I signed up for a business class shared web host account package with a good provider that offers support for several main sites and cPanel for administrative requirements. Part of this package was a separate view of AWStats for each of my main domains and sub-domains available from cPanel, with fully parsed data for each site. Coming from a hosting provider that didn’t have the first clue on how to configure their servers, this was a great feature and worked well for my requirements.

Now, the only problem was that cPanel on my shared hosting account can only have one login, and my associate (okay, my brother) is the owner of another site on my account, I wanted to give him access to his statistics data on the account, and I don’t mind sharing my credentials with him, but I wanted to make it easier for him to get the data he wanted to see about his site. So I went searching for a package that can supplement AWStats with good statistical and analytical views, without the need to log into the cPanel account. After a short research session on Google, I came across JAWStats Continue reading »

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