Jul 202009

What is NAntBuilder? (Excerpt from NAntBuilder Website)

NAntBuilder is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for NAnt, the popular process-automating tool. It is designed to be a powerful NAnt script creator, editor, and debugger.

NAntBuilder enables you to manage your build process easily, allowing you to focus on more interesting and important works. Its full-featured code completion will save you thousands of keystrokes while authoring NAnt script. And the integrated NAnt script debugger will help you execute NAnt script task by task. With all these features, NAntBuilder provides a flexible, easy-to-use platform to author, debug and execute NAnt script. Continue reading »

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Jul 112009

I’ve recently been involved in a project to automate windows software builds at my organization and take the first steps toward continuous integration. This is a project that actually started back in mid 2006 with an evaluation of available build tools, but was shelved after the initial research due to resources and lack of infrastructure to support the new process. When we picked up the project again this year, we decided to use NAnt as our build tool of choice based on the research we did in the initial project and the fact that the continuous integration server had native support. However, a few weeks into the project I was doing some research and found that most of the articles I found regarding NAnt were… Well… Old.

So I started to wonder, “Is the NAnt project dead?” Continue reading »

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